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Our current client portfolio covers major global players in the pharmaceutical and retail industry.

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Recent Projects and Clients

  • Assessment, Improvement and Service Management of a global application test and deployment service for a global acting pharmaceutical research unit
  • Team Health check using Predictive Index (PI) resulting in a significant performance increase
  • Assessment and Improvement of application provision for a global IT infrastructure unit <br> => Introduction of a web based end to end global service reporting
  • Setup of a configuration management project whilst getting important data "clean": Presenting Master data Management on PowerPoint is "nice"; DOING it demands perseverance and sometimes "typing"
  • Global harmonization of local JRE in an environment with above 100k clients: Awareness campaign, solution engineering, tracking of progress, license management, 3rd level problem and incident management.
  • Deployment concept of local JRE using supported version(s) whilst ensuring interoperability with dependent applications (Signing, important legacy applications,…)
  • Sounding board for various senior IT managers