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EQ Business Consultants moved into a new Office in Basel, Steinengraben 42 :-)

New Cooperation with California based Company

We have formed a new cooperation with Annese Technology Services (ATS), a cutting edge service provider from Silicon Valley in California, USA.

In addition to providing datacenter and cloud solutions, ATS specializes in intelligent automation and machine learning. When properly executed, these technologies work to increase IT capability, flexibility, reliability, while decreasing overall IT costs. This cooperation has worked to shape comprehensive global strategy, and fosters increased confidence in our brands and approach to the digital frontier.

This provides our customers a best-of-breed service, with technologists from around the world working together on their needs.

An improved way to manage initiatives more successfully

EQ will use Bizmap - Assess-Evaluate-DO - in order to allow people focusing on getting things done whilst assuring transparency about the "WHY?" and "WHAT?" for all stakeholders involved.

New Business for 2017!

We were able to extend the existing contract(s) with Swiss Pharma multinationals for 2017 by adding IT engineering as a service! We perceive this as a quite new way in our industry to add value.

Besides managing global major components browsers, signing functionality, Microsoft Office 2010/2013/2016 we now extended our team in order to manage global Win10 deployments having signed the first contract.

New Cooperation with Intellec

Intellec is a highly innovative company in the area of Mobile Device Management, Privileged Account Management, Apple OS X integration and management, as well as system engineering.

In order to integrate those components into complex infrastructures we know Intellec for going the extra mile using their expertise in custom development of tools, interfaces and integration into Business Intelligence solutions.

EQ Business Consultants is moving forward:

01/2015: EQ supports the management of global client infrastructure components for a multinational company which includes critical components of the client build like: Adobe Signing, local Java Runtime, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Internet Explorer. This mandate is designed as a service.

Main focus is on orchestrating more efficient application lifecycle management, getting less independent from locally installed operating systems by introducing alternatives plus sharing our unique knowledge in that field with business IT functions and selected outsourcing partners.

01/2015: EQ got a new mandate: Global Account and Service Delivery Management
Being accountable for selected global customer groups and global service delivery activities serving the scientific branch of a multinational pharmaceutical company.
Goal is to ensure consistent delivery of services and projects working together with service managers & scientists.


EQ has designed a lean way managing the lifecycle management of Java (local JRE Runtime) dependent application leveraging ORACLE products in an economical and sustainable way. What is your approach to ensure security, compliance and readiness of your critical business applications being dependent on Java? Talk to us...

Recruiting, People Development and Organizational Design

As one of the first companies EQ Business Consultants is entitled to use the Predictive Index (PI) as a service.
We help you find and retain the best talent by assessing behaviors and motivational drives supporting you to bring your IT department to the next level.

New Cooperation with Teamsolutions AG

We do now cooperate with Teamsolutions AG. The Basel based company is a known expert in

  • Datacenter management
  • Mail and Groupware Infrastructure Operations
  • Mobile Messaging Infrastructure Operations
  • Application Development - Groupware Applications -
  • Migration from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Sharepoint

Ok, so almost everybody should have realized that managing Interfaces between IT <=> Business matter...

In order to walk the talk we decided to "go to school" again in order to refresh what we already know, share our key learnings with others and learn for sure new things:
We attend the one year IT Business Management program at HSG from October 2014 on striving to get the "Executive Diploma HSG in IT Business Management'.