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Björn Graf von Westarp

Orchestrated solution-focused business resolutions in general operations management, especially in Information Management and Information Technology. Led both customer and provider sectors with a holistic approach and clear execution-driven perspective. Ensured operational excellence and customer satisfaction to support corporate goals.

Crafted Organisational Strategy for People, Processes, Structure

Built bridges between IT and corporate business through strong initiative, drive, perseverance, energy, creativity, and exceptional teamwork that empowered people and sustained an effective team spirit. Passionate about developing and mentoring people, influencing teams, partnering with culturally diverse individuals to bring collaboration and enhanced performance.

Captured New Pathways in Sophisticated/Complex Business Intelligence & IT Environments

Drove strategic IT planning, consulting, and application as executive member of unit startup team. Tapped new business activities in an emerging sector during a global economic crisis. Supported project initiatives through all cycles with sound knowledge in managing complex IT projects, timelines, and budgets.

EQ Business Consultants GmbH, @2014, all rights reserved

Thorsten Neubauer

Dipl. Phy.

Provide strategic end-2-end guidance on technology implementation and use for various customers and use cases
Integration of virtual application concepts.
Design and implementation of McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO).
Technical lead ‘Lab of the Future’ project for a pharma research unit.

  • Integration of special lab devices into existing IT environment. 
  • Implementation of VDI-Solutions at the lab bench.

Design, analyze and define road maps of global applications suite (~100’000 clients) - Architect of core applications (client and server)
Evaluate technologies, design, document and initiate changes in the desktop environment.
Design and integration of major applications (MS Office, Internet Explorer, Adobe, ...) into Windows 7 based client builds.
Design and execution of global Java Runtime harmonization at major pharmaceutical players (~200.000 clients).

EQ Business Consultants GmbH, @2014, all rights reserved

Jürgen Kleinke

Implementation of Configuration and global IT Asset Management. Providing Processes and Tools in the Pharmaceutical Industry (>100'000 assets). Providing Quality Documentation and Training

System Architecture, development, implementation and documentation of a global Data Warehouse and Reporting solution. Evaluation of interfaces and Change Management.

Application Portfolio and Application Management in a highly regulated environment. Application Rightsizing and administration of applications and providing processes, budgeting and test documentation. Software License Management and Deployment Planing.

Providing stakeholder management by applying combined negotiation and communication skills. Building bridges between Management and Development teams due to profound technical knowledge and understanding of management needs.

Computer System Validation of LIMS Systems, providing GxP Quality documentation, including test documentation and execution.